We believe in fighting the good fight, and doing what it takes to protect your interests. Stinvil Law’s practice areas are matrimonial/family law and health care law. We work relentlessly to provide you with the best advice, offer as many options as possible and resolve your issues so you can get back to your business and your life.

Matrimonial Law

We protect you before and after the honeymoon. Preserve your personal assets and protect your family.

Health Care

We support Health Care professionals’ legal interests. Build and protect your business assets and defend your reputation.

Marriages are easy to establish but difficult to dissolve. Whether you are planning your marriage or considering divorce, we can help protect your assets and your family at every stage:

Prenuptial and Postnuptial Agreements – If you are engaged or recently married and have substantial assets, it may make sense to define your separate and marital property in case of divorce. Prenuptial or postnuptial agreements are especially important to protect a family business or professional practice. We draft and execute agreements that protect your assets appropriately for your family’s needs.

Divorce – When unions dissolve, emotions run high and threaten both your assets and your family unit. If you’re contemplating divorce, or have been served with divorce filings, we help you protect everything that matters most to you.

Child Custody/ Visitation – Divorce can ignite bitter battles over child custody and visitation rights between parents. If you’re concerned you will lose parenting time with your children, we will fight to help preserve your parenting rights.

Child Custody Modifications – A loss of income or emergency issues can sometimes disrupt child custody and support. We can manage court-ordered child custody modifications to ensure your children have the support they need.

Religious – Certain faiths have religious laws that make divorce and remarriage in the same faith difficult, if not impossible. We help couples in the Muslim and Jewish communities navigate the laws of their faith in conjunction with the marital laws of the state.

Before attending law school and establishing Stinvil Law, I worked in Compliance at the Department of Veteran Affairs Palo Alto Health Care System in California. Seeing the complexities of health care law from this position inspired me to represent professionals in health care.

Buying and Selling Medical Practices – We help you navigate complex compliance regulations that must be followed in order to buy or sell a medical practice. We also help you determine the correct valuation and structure a deal to meet your business needs.

OPD Process – We guide licensed professionals accused of professional misconduct through the Office of Professional Discipline investigative process. We defend your rights and work to minimize the risk of losing your professional license.

OPMC Process – We guide doctors through the Office of Professional Medical Conduct (OPMC) review process, helping them navigate every step of the way to protect them and minimize the risk of medical license revocation.

Practice Formation & Corporate Structure – Medical practice formation must follow strict regulation guidelines. We work with medical professionals to help them establish Professional Corporations correctly and avoid potential liabilities.

Audit Reviews – We defend Medicare, Medicaid, and third party payor audits on behalf of healthcare entities, providers. We assist providers in various ways, including handling all levels of the appeals submissions, to assisting with the drafting of templates, position paper or briefs for healthcare providers who want to handle the appeal on their own.